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FocalPoint is a specialized professional services firm that assists our clients using our unique combination of in-depth practical experience, subject matter expertise, and high caliber educational and professional credentials. Our capability and commitment to deliver world class services drive immediate and lasting benefits to our clients.

Operations Improvement & Information Technology

Organizations are focusing on operational excellence. FocalPoint offers a complementary set of services that assist organizations in improving the effectiveness of their organizations and measuring and reporting on organizational effectiveness and program impact. We work with organizations to diagnose issues and the underlying causes and develop recommendations to improve processes to address the issues. Our Operations Improvement and Information Technology services assist clients in improving their organization’s processes in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency. We also assist in implementing solutions in a way that provides immediate and lasting improvements.

Investigations, Forensics, and Compliance

Meeting the challenges of identifying and investigating financial crimes such as money laundering requires an approach that brings together 1) the advances in technology and data analytic techniques and 2) the experience, insights, and heuristic capabilities of expert investigators. FocalPoint has extensive experience with financial investigations, asset forfeiture, forensic accounting, evidence handling, fraud examinations, preparation of analyses and reports, development and delivery of training, legal advisory and expert witness testimony, and work with law enforcement agencies on high impact major cases. In addition, FocalPoint has significant institutional knowledge of the Federal Government’s asset forfeiture programs, operations, and systems.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data analytics provides significant potential for improving performance and decision-making. However, many organizations fail to anticipate some of the key challenges in implementing new big data initiatives. Our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence combine in-depth subject-matter expertise, mathematics and statistical knowledge, and computer science skills to develop solutions that use data and analytics to improve decision making, increase productivity, improve competitiveness, and achieve better outcomes.

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