Our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence services combine in-depth subject-matter expertise, mathematics and statistical knowledge, and computer science skills to develop solutions that use data and analytics to improve decision making, increase productivity, improve competitiveness, and achieve better outcomes.

Data Analysis and Benchmarking

We analyze data sets to derive relevant insights that can enable a range of benefits to the organizaton. Benefits can include: enabling improved processes, cost savings, higher quality products and services, better risk management, improved innovation, identification of fraud or non-compliance, and other benefits. Our approach typically includes a three-phase process that includes: identification and preprocessing of data, developing analysis methodology using a range of data-driven and rules-based techniques, and conducting the analysis and reporting on results.

Predictive Analytics and Modeling

Organizations often base decisions primarily on historical and current data. We develop transparent, interactive models that utilize predictive analytics to project future outcomes. This enables organizations to make intelligent conclusions about future events and base decisions on likely future outcomes.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

FocalPoint develops business intelligence dashboards based on specific business requirements. These tools give staff and stakeholders visibility to key organizational data. Features include drill down capability, visibility to trends and exceptions, and the ability to create forward-looking scenarios. With these tools, organizations can convert both internal and external raw data into information and reporting that enhance visibility to organization performance and improve decision making.


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