HRSA / Bureau of Health Professions / Division of Nursing
Process Improvement for a Grant Processing Function

FocalPoint was engaged to assist in evaluating grant processing practices and to make recommendations for improvement. Client was experiencing rapid growth in the number of applications processed.  Services provided included:

  • Analyzed applicant comments on the application process to assess customer satisfaction with a grant program;
  • Evaluated business processes and made recommendations to ensure accurate, consistent, and efficient operations;
  • Developed a new application form to accommodate recommendations related to process automation; and
  • Developed a new program operations guide to reflect implemented recommendations.

HRSA / HIV/AIDS Bureau / Division of Science and Policy
Analysis of Marginal Cost for Serving a Target Number of HIV / AIDS Patients

FocalPoint was contracted to develop a marginal cost analysis of the cost of serving a target number of HIV/AIDS patients.  We worked with the client to develop an analysis that presented recommended program targets and an evaluation of the marginal cost of the serving the target number of clients.  Services provided included:

  • Performed a literature review related to pharmaceutical pricing and HIV/AIDS epidemiology;
  • Conducted interviews with expert informants;
  • Developed recommendations regarding program targets;
  • Developed a marginal cost model; and
  • Developed scenarios and estimates of marginal cost.

HRSA / HIV/AIDS Bureau / Division of Support Systems

Develop a Forecasting/Budgeting Tool for Grantees

FocalPoint was engaged to develop a financial budgeting tool to assist grantees in developing projections of future pharmaceuticals expenditures.  The budgeting tool provided an easy-to-use interface that allowed grantees to develop projections of expenditures using a variety of forecasting techniques.  Services provided included:

  •  Performed a literature review related to pharmaceutical pricing and HIV/AIDS epidemiology;
  • Identified user requirements for a forecasting tool that would improve usability, reduce errors, and provide more accurate forecasts;
  • Developed analysis methodology; and
  • Developed the forecasting tool.

HRSA / Bureau of Health Professions / Division of Nursing
Operate an Application Processing Center

FocalPoint was hired to operate an application processing center. Center was responsible for receiving applications from prospective grantees, processing applications, and performing selected grant maintenance functions.  Services provided include:

  • Operating an application processing center;
  • Organizing and maintaining applicant files;
  • Making updates in client’s database to reflect status of applications;
  • Interviewing prospective grantees; and
  • Performing employment verification of grantees.

HRSA / Bureau of Health Professions / Division of Medicine and Dentistry
Report on Impact of Training Programs

FocalPoint was engaged to develop a report setting out a performance measurement framework that will enable the client to better evaluate the impact of its programs.  Services provided included:

  • Identified outcomes, relevant measures, and indicators that are key success factors in demonstrating performance on program goals and objectives;
  • Developed a program logic model that links program inputs and activities to outputs and near- and longer-term outcomes; and
  • Developed a report for the Congress and Secretary of DHHS that describes performance measurement and evaluation framework and associated recommendations.