Office of the Chief Operating Officer
Develop Performance Measurement Framework

FocalPoint was hired to develop a comprehensive performance management framework that will enable the client to better evaluate the effectiveness of its programs and align operational activities to organization goals and strategies.  Services provided included:

  • Identified outcomes, relevant measures, and indicators that are key success factors in demonstrating performance on program goals and objectives;
  • Identified and defined comprehensive business performance reports, including a CNCS Executive Dashboard, that enable the executive team to represent the progress on mission/goals and health of CNCS to varied audiences;
  • Developed procedures and processes for extracting data from disparate systems;
  • Assisted in the development of a data warehouse;
  • Identified detailed internal reports and associated data analysis that help CNCS program staff better manage day-to-day operations and program performance; and
  • Identified and defined the business processes that support consistent and accurate performance evaluation and reporting.