Client Summary

Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture

Asset Forfeiture, Investigations, and Internal Controls

FocalPoint provides a range of asset forfeiture, investigations, and internal controls support services to the Treasury Executive Office of Asset Forfeiture. Asset forfeiture support includes activities such as providing support for seizure planning, monitoring and conducting reviews of asset management systems, and providing support for conducting inventories of assets.

Investigations support includes activities such as providing advisory related to investigation strategy, obtaining and analyzing datasets to identify suspicious activity and assets subject to forfeiture. Internal controls support services include activities such as: performing audits and reviews of key program activities, including major contractors and TFF’s participating Federal and state agencies; analyzing the results of these reviews; identifying gaps; and making recommendations for improvement in operations, processes, systems, and internal controls.

Results of our services include:

  • Improvements in efficiencies in asset management;
  • Improved program policies and procedures resulting in increased consistency and compliance by participating law enforcement agencies both in the field and at headquarters;
  • Improved service delivery by the seized property contractors and their network of local subcontractors, improved financial management practices, reduced improper payments, and new training courses and materials;
  • Increased ability to detect, solve, and prevent any deficiencies and potential material weaknesses which have resulted in clean audit opinions and positive results reported in Performance and Accountability Reports;
  • More effective, streamlined, and consistent processes and training that promote cooperation among Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, thus maximizing the impact of forfeitures performed by law enforcement.

Enterprise Risk Assessment and Internal Controls
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Bureau of the Public Debt

The Bureau of the Public Debt (BPD) hired FocalPoint 1) to perform an enterprise-wide organizational risk assessment; 2) to evaluate and develop recommendations for organization-wide internal controls; and 3) to develop and implement a cost-effective compliance program.

Results of our solution include:

  • A comprehensive risk management framework and organizational assessment of risks that helps the client identify, manage, and mitigate risks;
  • Improved internal controls and compliance program that is cost-effective, and has a clear purpose, roles, and responsibilities, and linkage of authorities to requirements; integrated compliance requirements within Program processes;
  • Identified opportunities for improvement based on best practices, regulatory requirements, and consideration of overall governance, organization, and risks of the Program;
  • Development and implementation of an internal training program to ensure that program staff understand the risk framework and comply with requirements;

Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Headquarters Operations
Operations Improvement and Information Technology of Financial and Information Technology Functions

The objective of the project was to perform an assessment of and make recommendations for selected offices within a headquarters function at the Department of the Treasury, Departmental Offices.  Service provided included:

  • Developed detailed baseline assessment of current activities that included costs, headcount, activities performed, and volume and output levels;
  • Evaluated service levels to constituents and stakeholders;
  • Identified options for reducing costs and improving effectiveness including organizational realignment and outsourcing;
  • Developed business case comparing current costs and service levels to those associated with recommendations; and
  • Developed implementation plan for recommendations.

Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Headquarters Operations
Customer Service Training

FocalPoint provided customer service training.  We developed a training course based on the client’s requirements and presented the course to the Office’s customer-facing staff.  The course addressed issues such as complaint management and problem solving, dealing with difficult customers, and listening and comprehension.